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Add/Drop Tuition Refunds

A student may receive full or partial credit for a course’s tuition charge if they complete the official add/drop or withdrawal process through the Registrar’s Office. Refunds for courses are calculated on the number of class meetings and are based on these percentages:

Percentage of Class Meeting Percentage of Tuition Refund
Before the first class meeting 100% Refund
1% through 5% 90% Refund
>5% through 10% 80% Refund
>10% through 15% 70% Refund
>15% through 25% 60% Refund
Greater than 25% of class meetings No Refund

Tuition refunds are calculated based upon the following refund formula.

Refunds for courses lasting at least one week but less than two weeks may be dropped before the end of the first class day for a 100% refund.

Any refund for a course with a "TBA" time slot, such as Internet, Doctoral, Practicum, or Internship, will be calculated as if the course met weekly beginning on the first day of the term.

Students are subject to a $40.00 fee each time a course is dropped. There is no charge to add a course.

Refunds of Credit Balances

Students are eligible to receive their refunds electronically by having them directly deposited into their personal bank account.

Refunds due to overpayment of the student account or the dropping/withdrawal of courses can be requested through the Cashier’s Office at 214-333-5336.

Refunds resulting from the posting of financial aid will be automatically requested and either deposited to the student’s bank account listed in eRefunds section of the Online Student Account Center, or issued by a paper check and forwarded to the student’s address in the University system.

To set up your eRefunds account for direct deposit, log in to the Online Student Account Center through WebAdvisor and enter your personal banking information into the eRefunds screen. After you complete the eRefund set-up process, DBU will initiate a $0.00 test transaction, or pre-note, to your personal bank account to confirm your bank account and routing information is valid before we begin sending you electronic refunds.

Please make sure your bank account information is correct. If your account information is incorrect, or if you have not set up your eRefunds account, your refund will be mailed to you as a paper check.

To learn how to set up your personal eRefunds account, please watch the following instruction video below.

How to Set Up eRefunds



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