Using Microsoft OneDrive for the first time

Before you can access your Microsoft OneDrive from your email you must first set it up. Please ensure that you are logged out of your Office 365 email before proceeding.

Navigate to

Navigate to See the OneDrive Login

Login using your Office 365 credentials. If you have not setup your email account please see the following documentation for instructions:

Upon login you will be prompted for your birth year and country/region. Once completed select, “I accept.”

Navigate to See the OneDrive Registration page

You now have successfully setup your Microsoft OneDrive. If you would like to get the app for your smartphone see the following for installation instructions:

Navigate to See the OneDrive main page

If you have any trouble or questions, please call the help desk at (214) 333-5500. For more information about the Microsoft Office 365 project at DBU, including videos and other resources, go to