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DBU Press Release: Church Architecture Seminar


DALLAS – Dallas Baptist University’s Gary Cook Graduate School of Leadership will be hosting a leadership training seminar led by The National Center for Church Architecture.  The seminar is designed to provide churches with the tools and direction needed in the development of church property, construction of new buildings, and potential relocation.

The seminar will be held on Saturday, May 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in the International Center on the DBU main campus, covering the topic of Effective Leadership for Church Relocation.  This seminar will pay special attention to churches with potential relocation needs and help provide useful guidelines for determining the benefits and drawbacks of relocations.  Attendees will also receive information on working with architects, engineers, builders, and municipalities, as well as organizing a master building plan for a new church campus.

The seminar is designed for all levels of church leadership, including pastors, associate ministers, and lay leaders. Space is limited for each seminar.  For more information, please visit The National Center for Church Architecture website at  www.tncca.net.


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